A gentle, nutrient-rich exfoliator that in ‘one step’ cleanses pores and reduces dead cell buildup. It brightens skin, lessens acne and acne scarring plus minimises early skin cancers.
Please note: all ingredients have been pre-tumbled to ensure no sharp edges.
One Step Exfoliating Cleanser will not microscopically cut or scratch skin as do many ‘physical’ exfoliators.

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• Reduces keratin build up to smooth and clear skin.
• Helps clear breakouts, removes blackheads.
• Very high antioxidant levels (16 times more than the equivalent amount of crushed blueberries) allows One Step to firm, brighten, repair sun damage and rejuvenate tired looking skin.
• Contains plant citral (in Cinnamon and Lemongrass) which has been scientifically proven to reduce early skin cancers.
• “My chin was very congested…I was really pleased to read that this exfoliant is gentle on sensitive skin and wouldn’t do any damage. I have been using it with great results…congestion is clearing…skin is feeling smooth and soft.”

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• Birch Leaf – contains skin firming gentle cleansers and nutritive flavonoids that repair the appearance of pores.
• Thyme – calms redness, is locally anti-bacterial and promotes healing.
• Lemongrass – refreshes complexion, contributes to overall healthy appearance of skin.

How to Use
• Use in shower every evening after cleansing – it is best to cleanse pores at the end of the day, especially after wearing makeup.
• Mix one teaspoon between fingers and massage gently over damp skin for 30 – 60 seconds. Wash off.
• Cleanser and One Step Exfoliating Cleanser may be combined and used together if time poor.


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