Our premium moisturiser-meets-sunscreen gives effective sun protection as well as nurturing skin. It is sensational for sensitive skin and won’t clog pores.

Will not cause the common sunscreen issues of congestion, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and early ageing – because 17 concentrated ‘medicinal grade’ plant, flower and herb extracts ‘buffer’ the three TGA-approved sunscreening ingredients.

Does not contain PABA, mineral oil, or nano particles.

“This Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF15 is the first sunscreen I’ve used that is not irritating to my skin or eyes in any way and it has a wonderful texture that allows me to apply makeup without it sliding off. It makes sense to me to avoid chemicals, yet effective sunscreen is important too. I highly recommend this one.”

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• Calendula and Hypericum – stimulate the skin’s own immunity to resist sun damage, reduces skin sensitivity.
• Avocado and Sesame – aid in the sunscreening factor, so lowering the levels of chemical agents needed in the formula. Nutrient rich, enhance deep moisture levels.
• Chamomile – more soothing to irritated skin conditions than hydrocortisone and 70% as anti-inflammatory. Improves the tone of the skin. Acts as an analgesic to soothe allergies as well as eczema, dermatitis – and surfboard rashes.

• Effective sunscreening plus moisturising benefits.
• Beneficial for all skin types and ages.
• Non-greasy, will not congest the pores.
• Absolutely beautiful to use – also ideal for babies and children.
• Doesn’t irritate skin.
• Nurtures skin while protecting it from sun.
• Perfect for even the most sensitive skin.
• Safe to apply to infants and young children.

Why use an SPF 15 rather than SPF 30 or SPF 50?
• SPF 15 is the ideal SPF for most sun exposure situations without the double chemical load (sunscreening chemicals) of SPF 30 and above.
• SPF 15 gives similar sun protection as ‘higher’ SPFs when applied every two hours – as all sunscreens must be.

How to Use
• Apply liberally 15 minutes or more prior to sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours or sooner if swimming. Avoid sun exposure between 11am and 2pm. Always wear a hat, effective sunglasses and protective clothing where possible.
• Apply again after swimming.

How to Use the 250ml Bottle with Flip Top Cap
• Turn the bottle upside down with the lid closed.
• Shake the bottle downward a couple of times.
• With the bottle still facing downward, open the cap and then squeeze sunscreen into hand.
• It’s important to ‘flick’ the sunscreen toward the top of the bottle, then open and squeeze it while facing it downward.

SPF Facts
• You may think if the SPF is ‘higher’ then your sun protection will equivalently rise too. However that isn’t the case. While an SPF 15 will block around 93 percent of UVB rays, doubling the SPF to 30 will block 97 percent; SPF50 blocks 98%. That’s just a 4 or 5 percent increase – for what would appear to be double the dose or more.
• Dermatologists and the Cancer Council say there is no real difference between using an SPF 15 or 30 and using SPF 50 or higher.
• SPF levels are also a gauge of how long it takes to become sunburned compared to how long it takes to burn without wearing sunscreen. If you generally take 20 minutes to burn, an SPF 15 should allow you to go 300 minutes before burning. However it is not all recommended nor is it safe to go 300 minutes in the sun before putting on more sunscreen. Ever.
• Generally, an SPF 15 is sufficient, especially if it can be worn when swimming. For maximum protection against prolonged exposure to the sun it is highly recommended to also wear protective clothing, a hat and effective sunglasses.
• Remember, all sunscreens must be reapplied every two hours regardless of SPF.


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