A gentle, everyday moisturiser with SPF10 sunscreen that works extra hard to reduce hyperpigmentation (including pregnancy Melasma).

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• A simple, natural antidote for skin that’s patchy or unnaturally darkened.
• Evens skin tone, plus brightens, lightens and hydrates.
• Important: watch video below for how to apply this product.

• Green tea – contains antioxidants that reduce size of melanin cells, and strength of pigment colour.
• Camellia – repairs sun damage.
• Bearberry – lightens skin.

How to Use
• Apply to well exfoliated skin.
• Prep first with our Face Oil (unless skin is naturally quite oily.)
• Warm Alba White Day Moisturiser between fingertips, massage gently over face, neck and upper chest. (Doubles as a nutritive under-eye concealer and highlighter - use a dab over your foundation.)
• If using Results Lift Gel, apply this before Alba White (because of the physical sunscreen Alba White contains).

• If Alba White Day Moisturiser catches on any areas of skin, try exfoliating more regularly. Our recommendation is to use One Step Exfoliating Cleanser every evening after cleansing (this antioxidant-rich, gentle product) gives huge benefits and it can't be overused).


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