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• A powerful acne treatment that doesn’t dry out skin. Also effective for acne rosacea (see Advice below).
• Helps prevent new breakouts, gets rid of existing ones quickly.
• Reduces acne redness and swelling, stops bacteria spreading.
• Works exceptionally well with Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules
• Read review of capsules, see serum reviews below.

• Thyme – laboratory research conducted at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK in 2012 shows thyme essential oil is more effective against acne bacteria than benzoyl peroxide.
• Alfalfa – reduces redness, helps hormonal acne.
• Echinacea – speeds healing, decreases swelling and redness.

How to use
• Apply 1-2 pumps on a clean cotton pad and wipe firmly over face and neck, taking care to cover hairline and all affected areas. (Wiping firmly helps to get this bacteria-eliminating serum through the keratin layer to pores where it will be most effective.)
• For acne rosacea, the cotton pad and serum need only be applied over affected areas.
• Wait one minute and follow with Sage Face Oil, then appropriate nutritive moisturiser.

• Acne rosacea: – On first uses of the serum for acne rosacea it is normal for some people to experience some short-lived skin pinkness and/or warmth. This will not keep happening; it is skin’s initial response to the quality and concentration of Simplicité’s fresh plant extract products. These are ACTIVE, not merely moisturising with a hint of nutrients as are so many ‘organic’ and non organic ranges. Any skin pinkness and/or warmth is a response that we see as the awakening of microcirculation, enhancing blood supply that is vital for restructuring skin. It is essential that microcirculation be stimulated in order to help acne rosacea; as with treating any skin condition, please regard the first six months using Simplicité products for acne rosacea as a healing period.
• Please contact us if you need more advice about this. Simplicité products give exceptional results for sensitive skin.

Tips for enhanced results for acne, acne rosacea :
• Apply to well exfoliated skin.
• An extra cleanse and application of serum in the early evening can make all the difference to results.
• Use Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum under nutritive masks for enhanced results.


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