Our goal is to create and maintain colour that you love. Colouring prices vary depending on your individual hair type and your desired look.

We offer the complete colour range for those looking to revive their old colour or maybe even try something new. Whether it’s a full head recolour or maybe highlights to add some depth to your natural colour, we can accommodate the full range of hair colouring options.

Full Colour Consultation

We’ll work together with you to mix exactly what you’re looking for so don’t hesitate to contact us for a full colour consultation first, so you can provide us with the detailed specifications of your colour before your appointment. Please note that all prices listed are an estimate and we do strongly encourage you to consult one of our professional team for quote before booking an appointment.

Pricing List

Regrowth tintfrom $72
Full colourfrom $83
Semi permanent glossfrom $61
Foilingfrom $55
Scalp Bleach including tonerfrom $100
Ballyage/Ombrefrom $110
Treatmentsfrom $30
Gentle solution body waves and perms leave hair in the best condition possible after a hair reformation treatment.