What we’ve come to understand over many years, is how important make-up is to every customer that they look exactly how they imagined on the special day.

That’s why we excel at tailoring our makeup services to your exact specifications, so you look absolutely fabulous no matter what the occasion is.

Whether you like a natural look or something that just screams high fashion, we can accommodate whatever style you’re chasing.

In Salon

We’re always updating our products and techniques to stay current with the latest trends and fashions. So don’t hesitate to ask if we can help you with whatever look you’re trying to achieve!

We use the world renowned Inika make up range, high-quality, eco friendly, clean products  because we wouldn’t put anything on your skin that we wouldn’t be comfortable putting on our own.

Customers with sensitive skin have nothing to fear. We cater to your every need to ensure that our range of makeup feel as good to wear as you look wearing them.

High School Make Up

$ 80

Full Inika Make Up

$ 100

Add on Lashes

$ 15

Full Inika MakeUp plus personalised colour match with tips and tricks for naturally beautiful look

*Cost waivered when you buy 3 or more Inika products

$ 85*