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Take the time to smell the roses TOGETHER…

These two lovers were THE hollywood coupe of the 1920’s.

Douglas Fairbanks fell in love with Mary Pickford during a liberty bond tour, raising funds for the war in 1916. In 1920 they married with an intimate ceremony at the home of Rev. J Whitcomb in California. Mary wore a gauzy white dress with apple green trim.
When the news of the marriage broke two days later it created a fan frenzy, and they were celebrated as Hollywood Royalty.
Their European honeymoon drew crowds in the hoards to try and catch a glimpse of the world’s most adored stars. The vintage version of the paparrazi snapping away while our favourite celebrities try and have discreet romantic escapes.. they were definitely one of the first celebrity couples, even combining their names ala BRANGE!
Douglas bought their hollywood mansion dubbed ‘PICKFAIR’ as a wedding gift to Mary. Quite a gesture – 22 rooms on 18 acres and the first swimming pool in Beverly Hills was something to marvel at in those days!
This home became the place to be seen, hosting fabulous events attended by many of the leading figures in film.
Both had very successful careers in silent movies. Mary was hailed as America’s sweetheart and known as the first official movie star. With roles in movies such as Polyanna (1920) and Rosita (1923), high grossing movies of the times.
Douglas Fairbanks in his early career was a comedic actor, later starring in legendary action films The Mask of Zorro and the Three Musketeers.
Their relationship was a blur of glitz and glamour, social events, special appearances, ribbon cutting and openings.

Take the time to smell the roses TOGETHER…

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