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12 Feb Shout your love from the highest rooftops so the whole world can hear!

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy first worked together in 1942, when Katherine famously quipped, “I fear I may be too tall for you, Mr. Tracy.” To which the film director, George Stevens, quickly retorted, “Don’t worry, he’ll soon cut you down to size.”
It was the film woman of the year – with in a week they were referring to eachother as Spence & Kate, and sharing private lunches together holding hands, laughing and talking. From this moment, their connection grew into a private love affair that spanned over 26 years.
They mesmerised audiences the world over with their amazing on-screen chemistry like no other couple. They went on to star in 8 more films together.
Spencer was raised a Catholic, who felt both guilt and remorse towards divorcing his wife, even though they had been living separate lives since the 1930s, it was never an option that he would explore.
So sadly, Spencer never openly expressed his feelings for Katherine to the public. However this didn’t bother Katherine, who believed marriage wasn’t her calling and despite, devoted herself to being there whole heartedly for Spencer, as he suffered with alcoholism and depression. Because of this her career slowed as she supported him. In her autobiography she wrote, “It was a unique feeling that I had for [Spencer]. I would have done anything for him.”
Katherine has been described as the lover who Spencer needed – one to match him point for point, who was exciting and stimulating to be around. Katherine’s out-spoken assertiveness, fierce independence and non-conformance to society’s stereotype of women made her just that.
The media has since brought much attention to their relationship, and it is often referred to as one of Hollywood’s legendary love affairs. They were careful not to be seen together and maintained separate residences, in an attempt to conceal the romance.
Katherine has described their time together as ‘absolute bliss’, though claimed to not to have known how Spencer felt about her. Sources say they were madly in love… Surely he had some deep affections for her in the privacy they shared behind closed doors, to have wanted her by his side when his health declined in the 60’s. She put her career on hold for 5 years to care for him. Spencer passed just 17 days after their final film together ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner’.

Shout your love from the highest rooftops so the whole world can hear!

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