Dot & Birdie | Non Surgical Facelift
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Non- Surgical Facelift


Our Non-Surgical Face Lift is a gentle, effective, pain free, non-invasive face and neck treatment. Designed to tighten skin and stimulate collagen production this system ultimately fights the signs of ageing. Turn back time and reveal a more youthful you in a matter of hours.


Our NSF uses Bipolar & Quadupolar Radiofrequency, LED and facial massage to achieve amazing results which can be seen and felt immediately, lasting up to 6 months.


6 treatments are recommended for most clients with 1 treatment per week for optimal results.


2 x Treatment $600
6 x Treatment (1 treatment free) $1500


Treatment length is 100 minutes.

Opening Special

2 x Treatment $399

6 x Treatment $995