Dot & Birdie | Makeup Tips for Mature Skin
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Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

How to apply your makeup when dare I say you have the case of the creases and the “I’m too old for makeup”.

It’s not an easy thing to swallow when our make starts setting in our lines and makes our lines more noticeable then when we wear nothing at all. What’s the point in make up, if you feel it makes you look worse? I’m here to answer some prayers and put your mind at rest because here are some really simple tricks you can do to have your make enhancing your features and looking incredibly natural still.

1.They say it’s a crime not to prime and for this trick, it’s defiantly the case. By priming the skin you will help it be more hydrated and not suck anything that comes its way. The primer can be mixed in with any liquid foundation before applying it to the skin. It helps it become more pliable and loosen it up, therefore giving it a more natural appearance and glowing look (Very nice for summer). It doesn’t stop there too! The primer can also be applied to your liquid concealer in the same manner. This is great if you typically have more creases around the eyes. Use it for any trouble areas between the eyes and around the mouth, I guarantee you it will make an incredible difference.

2.How to get those beautiful big eyes back.  This simple trick of applying any dark liner or shadows to very outer edges of your eye is gold! It can be a common misjudgement that once you hit a certain age, eyeshadow has to be thrown away or passed on! This couldn’t be more wrong when applied this way you will take off years. Just remember to not apply any dark shades to the inner eye area or shimmer save this for the middle and more out edges. Only use matt shades in the inner corners too.

3.This one is really simple and can make a massive impact to how your makeup overall turns out. Blush can make or break the entire look of your makeup. It can be applied too heavy at times and seem almost impossible to apply just the right amount. Don’t stress because all you need is a powder brush and with just your left over powder soften out the edges of the blush. This leaves your rosy cheeks glowing naturally… No one will be able to tell you have blush on and isn’t that the whole point!

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I hope these helpful tips give you back your confidence and freedom to shine when you wear your makeup. Makeup is to be enjoyed by all ages and let me tell you it’s breath taking to see a mature woman wearing it well. Nothing could be more flattering. x

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