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The Love Story of Erin & Josh

We first met Erin Bamba when she came to our cottage for a trial. She was mid pregnancy with her twins and up till that point her pregnancy had been a dream. We began doing make up and poor Erin came down with a massive hot flush and started to feel queazy. We decided the bathroom was the best place to take her and on our way there Erin became dizzy. Luckily we caught her and she landed softly on her bottom (no damage done), but it scared theĀ bejeebers out all of us! When Erin came round only seconds after, we sat with her for over an hour just chatting and getting to know her. It was beautiful and we found a real connection with her. We proceeded to finish the trial and all was perfect.


On the big day we travelled to Toowoomba with our ensemble of 4 girls. It was our first trip to the Gabbinbar Homestead and it was just breathtaking. The weather was beyond perfect and the view was incredible. We had a large party of 10 ladies to style but the whole day ran so smoothly. Erin looked amazing in her lace sleeved slimming gown with her vintage waved curls and soft glowing makeup.


Every encounter we had with Erin was so special to us and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know her. Thank you Erin Scuito, we wish you, Josh and your boys the very best.


Our Love goes out to your family.


D & B x



DotandBirdie (20)




DotandBirdie (18)

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