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Everyday Boutique Hair

Our goal is to create and maintain hair that you love. Have faith in our qualified and passionate stylists to create the perfect look for you . All hair services in salon include indulgent shampoo and heavenly scalp massage in our massaging basin recliners… The most comfortable hair basin ever!




Everyday Beauty Services

Beauty treatments that will put a spring in your step. Our therapists listen and care about your comfort and wellbeing. Trust us to enhance the beautiful canvas that is you.  Lash extenstions, Pedicures, Shellac,facials, tanning,  waxing and tinting are just a few of the wonderful treatments we offer in our specially designed cottage located in Maleny.

Spa Rituals

Slow down, take a breath and prepare to rejuvenate with our spa rituals. Each ritual begins with a soothing mineral foot soak and sensory journey, while you enjoy a refreshing beverage. By using USPA natural skincare in our treatments,  we create synergy between a healing and holistic experience that is effective for the skin, body  and soul, whilst only using the pure elements and natural extracts from plants.


What are our latest picks and the biggest  beauty crazes