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Botanical Alph Hydrox Cell Renewal



One of my favourite products is Uspa’s Botanical Alpha Hydroxy Cell Renewal. The power of USPA Australian natural skincare is amazing. It contains all the essential fruit acids that gently resurface your skin. BAH Cell Renewal reduces pigmentation and fine lines by deeply detoxifying and removing dead skin cells, which make our skin, feel dull and lifeless. It leaves you with skin that looks and feels smooth and radiant.

BAHCR gently resurfaces your skin by increasing cell turnover and removing your unwanted dead skin cells. They’re responsible for that dull, congested, dry feeling to your skin that makes you go uuugghh L Underneath that layer of dead cells are your radiant, fresh new cells, they’re the beautiful ones you want to show off to the world!

The botanical blend found in BAHCR is made up of fruit acids including malic, lactic, pyruvic, tartaric and glycolic acids, these work together to refine your skins texture, helping to reduce pigmentation and smooth out those sneaky fine lines.

By shedding away of the dead skins cells, cell renewal works to then combat imperfections on a deeper level. Not all of us realise that most of these are already being created deep within these layers when new skin is forming, they’re essentially damaged skin cells. Our whole body is constantly creating new cells, so it is never too late to start to make a change to your routine and get to the core of your skins issues. Don’t forget too, that there are also contributing factors in our lifestyle and diet, which will assist your skins health from when its cells are being created in the first place.

Reprograms inflamed cells to produce the correct amount of melanin, reducing unwanted imperfections and allows for absorption of other ingredients allowing your new skin to glow.

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